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Allergies ✘ Allergic reactions (no breathing problems) ✘ Asthma attack (mild wheezing) Emergency Department Baby steps Urgent Care Center Conditions* ✘ Asthma attack (trouble breathing after treatment) ✘ ✘ Broken bone (bone not coming out of the skin) When to call your doctor Bite ✘ Broken bone (bone coming out of the skin) ✘ Bronchitis ✘ Burn (minor) ✘ Burn (serious, including burn to eye, electrical or acid burns, infection or blister) ✘ Cast-related problems ✘ Cold ✘ Cough ✘ Cut (minor, but needs stitches) ✘ Cut (with bleeding that will not stop) ✘ Dehydration ✘ Diarrhea ✘ Earache ✘ Ear infection ✘ Ear wax removal ✘ Fainting ✘ Fever (child is older than 2 months) ✘ Fever (child is younger than 2 months) ✘ Flu ✘ Head injury (no loss of consciousness) ✘ Head injury (loss of consciousness) ✘ Laryngitis ✘ Migraine headache ✘ Pink eye ✘ Pneumonia (no breathing problems) ✘ Pneumonia (trouble breathing) ✘ Poisoning ✘ Rash ✘ Seizure ✘ Shock ✘ Sinus infection ✘ Sore throat ✘ Sprain ✘ Sting ✘ Stitches ✘ Stomachache ✘ Strain ✘ Swallowed object (no problems swallowing) ✘ Swallowed object (trouble swallowing) ✘ Swimmer's ear ✘ Urinary tract infection ✘ Vomiting ✘ *This list does not include all conditions. This is general information and is not specific medical advice. Always consult with a doctor or healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about the health of a child. 11

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